Logo Design Contest For Department Of Agriculture, Govt. of Bihar

Logo design contest for the department of Agriculture, Government of Bihar. has organized for the particular time and period. In this contest, anyone can apply for making. there are no restrictions for any other state, any gender, caste, and community.

it is a public offer and anyone can accept for making the logo making the logo-making contest for the department of Agriculture, Government of Bihar.

Logo Making compatation department of Agriculture, government of Bihar

Table of Contents

Important Date 

Detailed of announcing the logo making contest:- 31.08.2021 from 10:30 hours

Date of receiving application with Logo Design : 21.09.2021 till 23:59 hours

Final result of Winners

Date of Evaluation by the Committee : 30.09.2021

Annoucing the final result for logo making contest, Department of Agriculture in government of bihar: 03.10.2021

Rewards and Recognitions for logo making contest

  • Best Entry (1st Prize): INR 51,000/– (Rs. Fifty-One Thousand) and a Certificate
  • Second best Entry (2nd Prize): Certificate

Selection Committee for the logo-making contest for the Department of Agriculture.

The selection of winners for logo design, the selection committee under the chairmanship of Secretary Agriculture would be the final authority.

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The Criteria for deciding the Winning Entry would be

  • The logo should bring out the essence of Organic Farming, Food Safety, Nutritional Security, safe and
    sustainable agriculture.
  • The logo should communicate that Organic Farming is a Transformational Opportunity that
    will assist farmers to get better realization for their produce and a step for Toxin Free Agriculture.
  • The logo should be contemporary and easily understandable and can communicate across the
  • The logo/symbol should be vibrant and modern. Each entry should include a logo unit/symbol along
    with a detailed logic and explanation of rational and creative thoughts (not more than 100 words).

Applications shall be submitted online or sent to the below address with the Caption on the envelope:

  2. Address:
    Director Agriculture-cum-Mission Director
    Bihar Rajya Jaivik Mission
    Directorate of Agriculture
    2nd Floor, Vikas Bhawan
    Patna 800015, Bihar
  3. For any clarity you may call or write to Mrs. Sushmita Priya ([email protected])
    Mobile No: +91-7979825237 or Mr. Neyaz Ahmad ([email protected]) Mobile No.

Some of Important link for logo making contest

Official website

Logo design contest for the department of Agriculture

Goverment of Biher

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