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4 line poem on corruption in hindi

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Poem on Corruption in Hindi – Friends, this post has given you a collection of poems on some corruption. This Poem on Bhrashtachar in Hindi has been written by our popular poets. Corruption has spread like an epidemic in our country. It seems unlikely to end it now. Because here you will get involved in corruption from peon to leader, IS officer.

Poem on Corruption in Hindi
Truth, lie, lie?

Leave man, walk robbed

Nothing goes 
missing again and again
Do not wipe out,

no one lost your grief
See opportunity, give cheating

, kill, put split
Trick fraud, loud

trust, trust is broken
Quit Qaeda, just

run for 
, your camel
Truth, lie, lie, lie?

Leave man, walk robbed

Poem on Bhrashtachar in Hindi

Some of our great men had dreamed of a “corruption-free India”. Which now seems to be a dream. Because from the government system to the private system too, they have been fully involved in corruption.

short poem on corruption in hindi
How should this India building

celebrate corrupt corruption

, go to Switzerland to 
celebrate the 
Eat milk-rubbing politicians

sit in closed AC rooms and

plan to loot the country.

India is such a 
farmer who is committing suicide in malnutrition and poverty 
Leader in deals eat brokerage

, deposit money in foreign banks
Make the CBI cover the puppet

of your hands
Lathi on opponents, implicated in false cases, making

a difference in their statements, their identity is

such that India is building
The scamsters have protection, the public is not being exploited

, not relief from inflation is a symptom

of Bharat Nirman

Therefore, corruption has become a serious problem in India. Like this termite, the country has been hollowing out from inside. In today’s time, without paying bribes, you cannot even think of doing any work in the government or private system.

Bhrashtachar Par Kavita In Hindi

Many laws have also been made in the country to curb corruption. There are many things to stop that. But in spite of it becoming less and growing faster. Some people go if they are caught. But the original problem remains as it is.

4 line poem on corruption in hindi
This country has a disease, this hungry corrupt people make

this hole in the plate on which they eat.

Kick hitting the stomach of the poor, they fill their home
This country is sick, these rich beggars

take their hands to the bowl and go home to Mosam, who will

give votes in the name of Allah, they would only have one song.
This country has sickness, the merchants of these values

should do it to Neelam country, who just let it go away, be

ashamed of Mother India, it will bring her womb to shame.
This country has sickness, these demons

suck the 
blood of the people, let it run its rule

which is left empty, its stomach can also become cannibalistic
This is the sickness of this country, see that their donkey eats

cow's fodder, this

earth is 
soaked by 
coal, it 
sinks the 
mother, it also eats it
This country is sick, it is starving corrupt.

Now let us give some below in Poem on Corruption in Hindi. We hope you will like this Poem on Bhrashtachar in Hindi. Share the poem with your friends on this corruption as well.

Bhrashtachar Par Kavita Hindi Me

Poem on corruption in Hindi: India also comes in the list of most corruption because the main reason for poverty in India is that there is more corruption in India.

poem on corruption free india in hindi
In the era of Sharafat, now do

n't fall alone here and there
Flocks of groups are around,

something ordinary is special.

refuses to 
refuse, they come in the eye
The wolves left the forest and started coming to the cities,

wooing the Sharifs in beautiful clothes
The business of selling dreams came to an end,

everyone gripped with greed
Everything would be justified in groups,

ideologies would be rejected.

No, the logic of the new era, the

truth itself wanders,

humans abandon humanity,

and get stuck in groups.
There is less faith,

destiny is very clear,

who should complain,

when the whole system is corrupt.

The problem of corruption is very big in our India, it will take years to remove it, that is why many great poets have written poems and poems on corruption, about which you can read this post to know more about it. Information can be found.

Short Poem On Corruption

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comedy poem on corruption in hindi
Parents read and wrote, made you an officer ..

Seeing today, it seems that the eldest committed a crime .. It

was better to take a bribe, live with alms ..

Ask money with open mouth, better lip you would take ..! !

Even if there is wealth of millions, why today he became a beggar ..

By worshiping black money, sitting like a body ..

forgot, you too used to cry when you saw a toy ..

How, today, with those little hands, to play Sitting for the right .. !!

A man cuts his stomach, runs his house


blood, eats hard bread .. 
sleeps himself hungry, brings the bread of children ..

you snatch them away, know how to live .. !!

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 4 Line Poem On Anti Corruption In Hindi

Country corruption has spread its feet like a corona epidemic has spread. And perhaps more terrible than the corona epidemic, if there is one for this world, that corruption.

humorous poem on corruption in hindi
Time for change of system has come,

corruption has completely

engulfed the disease 
profiteering, everyone has

been plagued by inflation, only then

there is a delay in getting justice,

national property is being stolen

, time for change of system has come

completely. The condition of the


there is no hospital far away, the

government is sitting with eyes closed

, the police station is the 
base of the 

, the time for change of the system has come,

corruption is completely covered.

It is a termite that continuously hollows the country from inside. Today every department in the country is plagued by this epidemic called corruption. It has not been possible for any government to control corruption in the country till date. Corruption Par Kavita | Corruption poem |

poem on corruption in hindi for class 5

Short Poem On Corruption In India In Hindi

Poem on Corruption in Hindi: Corruption has become a serious problem of India. Every Indian is facing this serious problem.

funny poems in hindi on corruption
Commission is done everywhere in the hospital or crematorium.

Need a loan or a telephone from banks,

who could have survived this?

Fixing in sports or ticketing in rails,

setting is everywhere.
Whether there is an examination or an election,

corruption is everywhere.
It has put a noose of compulsion,

which is troubling every 
man who has injected

poison in life,

changed the condition of human being,

every side has the corruption to speak.
The person who killed the fleet of society, we

raised him,

everywhere he spoke the corruption.

Corruption itself brings many obstacles in the way of India’s development and is coming. At present, every office has been involved in corruption which is a serious matter.

poem on corruption in hindi for class 10

Poem On India Against Corruption In Hindi Font

Here we are sharing short poems on corruption. With these Hindi poems, you can express your opposition to corruption in every program done against corruption, in other patriotic events like Independence Day, Republic Day.

poem on corruption in hindi
poem on corruption in hindi
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poem on anti corruption in hindi
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Poem on Corruption in Hindi
Poem on Corruption in Hindi
Poem on Corruption in Hindi
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Poem on Corruption in Hindi
Poem on Corruption in Hindi
Poem on Corruption in Hindi
Poem on Corruption in Hindi
Poem on Corruption in Hindi
Poem on Corruption in Hindi
Poem on Corruption in Hindi

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4 Line Poem on Corruption in Hindi

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