With reference to India, the terms ‘Halbi, Ho and Kui’ pertain to

With reference to India, the terms ‘Halbi, Ho and Kui’ pertain to

(a) dance forms of Northwest India

(b) musical instruments

(c) pre-historic cave paintings

(d) tribal languages

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Halbi, Ho and Kui
Halbi, Ho and Kui

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Halbi Ho and Kui

Queastation form History ‘Halbi, Ho and Kui’

Halbi, Ho, and Kui questions ask from the history section related to Tribal languages.

What is Halbi, Ho, and Kui ?

Halbi, Ho, and Kui is the eastern Eastern Indo-Aryan language and spoken by tribes across the central part of India.

What is another name of Halbi

It is also known as Bastari. It is written in Devanagari and Odia script.

What is another name of Ho?

Ho is a tribal language, which is written in Warang Chiti script.

What is another name of Kui?

Kui is a South-Eastern Dravidian language spoken by the Kandhas. mostly spoken in Odisha, and written in the Odia script. the Kuinga language during the historical period. It is closely related to the Gondi and Kuvi languages.

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